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Loud Happy Digital is dedicated to turning your vision into an
authentic + consistent visual identity online!


Loud Happy Digital is an online digital agency providing custom designed websites on Squarespace, unique SEO enhanced web content and blogs, as well as SEO auditing and implementation services.

Founded in Rochester, NY and based in Asheville, NC we are fortunate to work with clients nationally!

One of the coolest parts about working with us -- we are an exclusive web design and SEO agency. This means we build one website at a time, as well as appropriately staggering our SEO and content writing.

Your website, SEO, blog and content projects will get the undivided attention, care and passion they deserve!


You need us if you…

  • Want to work with a maximum integrity agency

  • Keep trying to build your own website, but it ain’t workin’

  • Want to confidently edit and update your site on your own

  • Have a website you don’t dig + isn’t doing any work for you

  • Want to know why your website isn’t getting any traffic

  • Aren’t sure if your website has proper SEO implemented or what you can do about it

  • Have a blog that’s sitting stagnant and needs fresh content

  • Have a blog that you write, but need help managing

  • Know that you need a blog, but don’t have time to start it

  • Are a small business, entrepreneur or artist who needs to create or strengthen their online presence


We will ensure that we thoroughly understand your vision for your website, content or SEO needs while keeping the process quick and uncomplicated. Get started by booking a free 30-minute consultation!

Loud Happy Digital will astutely pool our tremendous experience to truly create a website, content or blog that matches the aesthetic and feel of your business or personal brand.

We created the Loud Happy Digital website to match us and who we are! It’s bright, expressive, goofy, yet professional -- one might even say it’s fairly loud and happy! We built a website that oozes our personality and we can do the same for you. It doesn’t even have to ooze either, it can pour delicately or splash if that’s your jam!

Keep scrollin’ to find out more about the digital dorks that make Loud Happy Digital so friggin’ stellar or contact us to learn more about how we can help you!


The Loud Happy Digital Team

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Loud Happy Digital, Rochester, NY, seo specialist + blogger + content writer

Be Gibney


Hey! I'm Be, owner of Loud Happy Digital.

While my career started in tv/film/VFX/animation, I transitioned to the web world learning about web design, content writing and SEO in 2009. Since then I've worked in the tech, SEO and web design worlds in Rochester, Brooklyn, Manhattan, NY and Denver, CO. Denver’s where I even briefly worked in craft beer and coffee at a bicycle mechanic shop, yuh know just to really round out my not quite gen X, not quite millennial career cliches. (No joksies, move somewhere unexpectedly and hit refresh if you can someday!)

I love helping people get their ideas out of their head and onto (digital) paper, and I’m good at it! I couldn't be happier to be helping people get their websites, and subsequent businesses, somewhere online that people will find them.

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Loud Happy Digital, Rochester, NY, web designer + developer

Hanna Gibney

Web Design + Development Specialist

Hey! I'm Hanna, owner of Loud Happy Digital.

Much like Be, I have also worked among a multitude of industries! When I first started studying web design and development, I lived in Denver, CO where I was also a massage therapist and - that’s right - a beertender and barista! Be and I met working at the aforementioned hipster coffee bar.

Many cups of coffee served and ingested later, a web design internship completed, and so many dev courses later, I’m pumped to be building websites for amazing businesses, artists and entrepreneurs.

After working solely for small businesses my entire life, I know the importance of representing your brand well and how much time you DON’T have to do it. I’ll build your website, in your vision, SEO enhanced, in two weeks. Let’s do this!

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*S/O to our friend Beth for taking such fun pictures of us! You so talented.


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