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Loud Happy Digital = honest, efficient web services!


Loud Happy Digital provides identity-driven custom website design and blog services,
including uniquely written search engine optimized content.

Speaking of SEO and optimized content, we provide those as individual services too!
Check out the details below!

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Loud Happy Digital, Rochester, NY, custom web design

Two-Week Custom Squarespace Website Design Package


Loud Happy Digital is comprised of two very driven, organized and efficient women who have created extremely streamlined processes. If you’re ready for a website that matches your needs and vision, and you don’t like wasting time, hollaaaaa!!


The web design package is for you if…

You need a web designer who “gets you”

You love checklists and deadlines

You want to be able to confidently edit and update your site

You want to work with an organized + efficient web designer

You are super motivated to get started


Custom Website Design

Up to 8 pages | $3,500 +
Package will be adjusted based on initial consultation

The Custom Website Design Package includes:

  • Free first year of Squarespace membership + domain hosting

  • 2-week total design turnaround

  • Up to 8 branded pages + an optional coming soon page

  • One-on-one attention (we take one web design client at a time!)

  • Minimal client homework + one business week of tech support, post-launch

  • Unlimited revisions until the scheduled launch date

  • Recorded 1.5-hour backend management lesson on launch day

  • Professional design for ideal user experience + conversions (mobile, tablet + desktop responsive)

  • Website and content will be search engine optimized

  • 3rd party integrations (automation like Mailchimp + Convertkit, newsletter opt-ins, IDX, social media accounts, booking/appointment calendar, etc.)

  • Branded site graphics/icons + stock photos (If needed, you can provide your own, too!)

  • Set up of Google tools such as Analytics + Search Console + Google My Business Page

  • Capture of your amazing brand + personality to a T!


· How it all works ·

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After an initial free consultation, we send you a customized proposal! When you’re ready to solidify your 2-week design period + launch date, you pay a non-refundable 50% project deposit. A welcome packet will be on its way to you to guide you through a single questionnaire! Your questionnaire, images, and logins will be due before your design date begins.

Loud Happy Digital, Rochester, NY, squarespace custom web design

Once we’ve received your fully completed questionnaire + images - we can rock! We’ll gather your information and review the epic vision together. In week 1, we’ll complete full design, development + search engine optimized content. From there, we’ve got one week to do a series of design and content revisions until the day before your chosen launch date!

Loud Happy Digital, Rochester, NY, squarespace web design

On launch day we will do a live lesson (recorded for you to refer to!) on how to manage and update your radical custom new site! Your final 50% project payment will be due during the call. We will be going over how to purchase your Squarespace plan/domain + how to maintain it, as well as putting all site permissions in your name.
Let’s get awesome and launch!


Let’s build the website of your friggin’ dreams!

Need help with your current Squarespace website? Maybe the 2-week website isn't your jam?
Click here to get in touch!

Loud Happy Digital, Rochester, NY, seo services

SEO Services


Do you have a current website that isn’t getting much traffic?
Get an SEO audit from us! We’ll provide a free consultation to discuss what your site will need and go from there!



Your website isn’t getting much traffic

You’ve got high bounce rates on your site

You don’t know how to implement proper SEO tactics or what they even are

You want to improve customer conversions on your site

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SEO Web Services

$100 | SEO Audit + Report
$65/hr | Implementation

SEO Web Service Packages:

Click on the package to reveal its price + description!

+ SEO Audit + Report

$100 | Upon dissecting your website’s SEO strengths and weaknesses, including a look into any SEO tools being used (if any!), you’ll receive a detailed report explaining your website’s current rankings and traffic.

+ SEO Audit + Report + SEO Element Implementation

$100 + $65/hour | After providing the SEO audit + report, we will log in to your website builder and provide a free 15-minute consultation to assess if we are able to implement our SEO recommendations, or if your webmaster will need to. While our SEO Specialist is experienced with a great number of site builders, sometimes webmasters lock out certain access to admin logins. Don’t worry! Again, we don’t charge to see what we can implement first, and if we can't we’ll give you the info you need to have your webmaster implement at no cost to you. You’ll just pay for the SEO audit + report.

*Cost Breakdown Example: If your implementation takes 1.5 hours, it will cost $181.25 with the report

+ SEO Audit + Report + SEO Element Implementation + Keyword Boosted Content

$100 + $65/hour + $75/page | We’ve done the report, we’ve figured out we can implement your changes, but you need some stronger content to strengthen your SEO to it’s fullest extent. We’ll optimize your website with honed in keywords utilizing Google’s best practices for getting your site crawled and pulling in organic traffic. AKA: Getting people to your website!

*Cost Breakdown Example: If your implementation takes 1.5 hours and we enhance 3 pages it will cost $256.25 with the report


· How it works ·

Loud Happy Digital, Rochester, NY, seo audit services

We schedule our SEO audits with plenty of time to really focus on our clients’ needs. We’ll take a deep look at your website, and any available SEO tools to evaluate the current standings. We’ll need logins to things, so if you have embarrassing passwords, change’m now!

Loud Happy Digital, Rochester, NY, seo specialist

Our experienced SEO specialist will provide you a thorough review of her findings from the SEO audit. She will provide detailed recommendations to implement that can improve your website’s search engine optimization, from content to SEO tool improvements.

Loud Happy Digital, Rochester, NY, search engine optimization

As mentioned before, if you’d like to give us logins to your website, we’ll provide a free evaluation of what SEO elements we can implement. If your webmaster has certain access turned off, we’ll give you the details you need to have them implement our recommendations!


How does more organic traffic to your site sound?

Copy of content + blog writing web services icon.png

Content + Blog Writing Services


The SEO specialist for Loud Happy Digital is also the staff content writer! After all, they do go hand in hand. We’ll start with a free consultation to take a quick look at your website’s content and/or blog - if you have one! If you don’t have strong content on your website and blog, then your SEO is suffering! Oh no! Don’t panic, we can help you!



You don’t have time to write your website

You don’t have time to write or manage your blog

You need SEO driven content to boost organic traffic

Writing and computers just aren’t your jam


Optimized content

$250 | Blog Writing
$75/pg | Content Boosts

Content + Blogging Service Packages:

Click on the package to reveal its price + description!

+ SEO keyword boosted content edits to your current website

$75/page | If your website’s content is lacking, or just hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, we can help! We’ll freshen up your content with SEO keyword boosted edits.

+ Building your own website but in need of fresh, original SEO content

$150/page | Are you building your own website, but don’t have the knack for writing? We do! Give us a solid base of info about your business and we’ll create originally written search engine optimized content to match your mission and your brand.

+ Blog writing for a new or existing blog

$250/blog | Have your own blog set up, but no time to write it anymore? We got you. Our staff writer has written blogs for financial service and car repair sites, lawyers, tech recruiters, and culture blogs alike. You don’t even need to give us a theme, but you can if you want to! Our staff writer will do all the legwork: content research, keyword research and well...it won’t be boring!

+ Blog creation

$150 | No blog set up on your website? We can likely help! We’ll provide a free consultation of your website’s builder to see if we can create one on your site. If we’re able to, we’ll get your blog set up for easy management and optimization. If we can’t build one into your site, we can discuss different options for building a blog through Squarespace which we can link to your website! A fresh Squarespace blog build will involve different fees we can review further as needed. Your website provider may charge for blog space, let’s find out together!

+ Blog management

$75/post | Do you write your blogs, but you need them edited, optimized and posted? Loud Happy Digital is well equipped to do so for you!

+ Blog creation + blog management

$150 one time creation fee + $75/post | Does this sound like you? You want to start writing your own blog, but you don’t know how to build the blog platform on your website, and you don’t know how to ensure the content and the posting are optimized. We’ll set you up, edit the blogs you write and post them!

+ Blog creation + blog writing + blog management

$150 one time blog creation fee + $250/blog written + $75/optimized post | Choose this option if you want a blog but don’t want to do a dang thing to get or have one! We’ll make sure we can build one on your website at no cost to you. If all is a go, we’ll build your blog platform, write your blogs and post them for you!

+ SEO keyword boosted content edits to current website + blog writing

$75/content page + $250/blog | Are you savvy with how to edit your website, but not how to optimize the content? Do you need more organic traffic to your website? We’ll get your web content optimized and we’ll write you blogs that can help bring traffic and boost rankings. We’ll write’m, you’ll post’m.

+ SEO keyword boosted content edits to current website + blog writing + blog management

$75/content page + $250/blog + $75/optimized post | We’ll optimize your website’s current webpage content, as well as boosting your existing blog by writing unique optimized content, and posting it with optimized tags and categories.

+ SEO keyword boosted content edits to current website + blog creation + blog writing + blog management

$75/content page + One time blog creation fee $150 + $250/blog written + $75/posted | You need all of the content and blogging services we provide and you don’t have time to think about it, or maintain it? We can do it all, you don’t have to sweat a thing!

*Cost Breakdown Example: If we optimize 2 pages of your website, build your blog platform, write 3 blogs and post the 3 blogs, it will cost you $1,200 total


· How it works ·

Loud Happy Digital, Rochester, NY, content + blog writing services

Whether you know what your website or blog content needs are or you would like help figuring that out, contact us now!

Loud Happy Digital, Rochester, NY, website + blog content

We’ll do a quick free consultation to discuss the best options for creating or improving your website or blog’s content.

Loud Happy Digital, Rochester, NY, website + blog content writing services

Whether we’re setting up your blog management or dropping in a few edits, we’ll deliver efficiently + accurately!


Ready to off-load your writing obligations?

We function out of Asheville, NC but work with clients throughout the country! Contact us for more information, or book a free consultation today!